In her 1909 autobiography Le Couer sauvage (The Savage Heart) Burnat-Provins pays tribute to her father, a cultured man who loved the arts  and encouraged his daughter to make of her own life an original work. She recalled writing dramas and verses from the age of nine. Supported in her intellectual aspirations by her father, Marguerite was a free spirit whose  view of life existed in  tension with a world that was wary of feminist impulses. 

Kaufmann’s Posographe.
An instrument for calculating aperture and exposure time when taking photographs in any possible situation.For outdoors, it includes settings with values like “Snowy scene”, “Greenery with expanse of water”, or “Very narrow old street”, “Cloudy and somber”, “Blue with white clouds”, or “Purest blue”.
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Nebula no. 20, March 1957.
Cover: James Rattigan.

Michael Chase